DIY Zoning: Background

The Beginning

Originally, this page was a collection of links pointing to HVAC-Talk threads. Some of those threads were technical discussions, some were flame wars. The HVAC community is definitely different from Open Source community, and whenever they get close, it gets quite hot :)

Then, couple of years into existence, the threads started to expire, and some of the information is gone forever. Luckily, some backups existed, and the HVAC-Talk maintainer generously granted a permission to publish the backups, so there.

Be aware that even though the backups were edited to make them "seamless", some broken links are probably still there. Whenever you find a broken link, go to HVAC-Talk directly.

Update: two years later

About two years after, on February 29 2004, this site was slashdotted again. This is a big event (just one fact: 76,826 visits in one day), and the tidal wave is quite noticeable. It did reach HVAC-Talk, and the attitude towards this project, as it turned out, changed quite a bit:

Look ... do it yourself zoning!

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that not only I wasn't flamed again, but even was somewhat encouraged and the work that I've done was somewhat appreciated. I would like to explicitly express my appreciation for your appreciation and tell you guys that you made this possible.

Thank you.