The DIY Zoning Project

What exactly is DIY Zoning?

First of all, detailed answers to questions about temperature zoning, for both homeowners and us, geeks. If you think that "home comfort" is something that you don't have, then you're in the right place.

Then, when you understand the problem that temperature zoning is, you can get to a detailed set of instructions on how to measure so you can see it for yourself where your problems lie (instead of guessing), and then improve.

If you think that working with hardware and software described here is not your cup of tea, don't despair - just reading both the homeowner's and technical FAQs will give you enough information to be prepared to talk to contractors about planning an installation of a ready-made temperature zoning system.

How To Stay In Touch

This site is more like a reference library. DIY Zoning News Channel blog is the place where updates are posted. As a matter of fact, right now it talks about upcoming DZ3 release.


Speaking of DZ3... For many yeas, DZ was being hosted on SourceForge, and used Apache Forrest as a content management tool. Back then, it was the least time consuming solution, but today it is just a bit too much time consuming and cumbersome.

That, and extending the scope of the project called for change in hosting and publishing facilities. Hence, the project will be gradually moving to its new home at

In case the above paragraph wasn't noticeable enough -

The project will be gradually moving to its new home at

The keyword is "gradually" - there will be no forced push, things will become available when they are ready, and not a split second earlier. Conent will be gradually disappearing from this site, not to disrupt existing links and search engine ratings, and reappearing at Home Climate Control. New content will only be appearing at Home Climate Control site, but not here.

Subversion repository will stay at SourceForge for the foreseeable future.

Brief History

The project was born in 2001 out of a total and absolute frustration which in turn was a result of a fruitless search of information about existing temperature zoning solutions. The only information available on the zoning system manufacturer web sites was usually "call us for an estimate". The estimates were usually being performed by salespeople. Technical people were difficult to get. Read the complete story for details.

And remember: An amateur built the Ark. The Titanic was built by professionals.