DIY Zoning: Credits

People who made this happen

Primary credit goes, of course, to the HVAC-Talk community in general. Lurking there was really educational, though quite unexpected experience.

Special thanks, in alphabetical order, lest someone gets offended:

  • BamaCracker - I owe you a couple of drinks and a sunset view;
  • Chester Fitchett - for hardware donations;
  • Chuck Muziani - for giving me a starting point, there would have been no DZ if not for your article;
  • DeltaT - for letting me see very clearly what I should expect;
  • Don Sleeth - everybody line up and go get the HVAC-Calc NOW!
  • Guy - for being a proof that things like this can be done;
  • Jerry Scharf - for multiple contributions, tangible and intangible;
  • JoeCool - for making me realize that even if you are a billionaire, nothing gets done right unless you take care of it;
  • n6ber - for sharing a part of the flame that I would've taken alone otherwise;
  • Robin Boyd - I wasn't trying to blow you off, honest;
  • Tim Small - for being the first one to have courage to rely on my sanity and implement DZ in his home;
  • Tom R - for providing the information I wouldn't have found unless I'd lived for a hundred years;
  • T. Shannon Gilvary - for being the fist to jump on the bandwagon :) and exhaustive update on excess static pressure control;
  • ZoneMe - for sharing your experiences.

Oh, and very special thanks to Diceman - great sense of humor and non-trivial thinking ;)

Hardware Donations made to DZ

In alphabetical order: